Head in the dust and rump in the air

Howdy folks, well what a stupendous time I had at the Port Stephens Country and Blues Festival early this month. Played some great shows alongside the hilarious Steve Passfield  as well as Australia's No:1 champion yodeller , the amazing Johanne Hemara . Met some awesome folk, danced my cowgirl jig for the masses and watched a great performance from Catherine Britt as well as legendary rock star Ian Moss. 
 But now, back to work for lil 'ol Jonesy. I am making a new album with Steve Passfield and my orders are to put my head down and rump up and get stuck into songwriting. Oh that may seem easy for some but for this little chicken distraction always seems to come into play with friends dropping by for coffee 'n' catchups, beachwalks with the winter sun shining and little discreet visits to our cutesy op- shops ( we have alot here in the Northern Rivers) that seem to swallow up my time and spare change. Naughty naughty me ! Steve and I have penned a handful of tunes together and I have a whole bunch that I have been sitting on for awhile now so hopefully there will be some gems for this new album. Collaborating with another songwriter has been quite a new experience for me and at times I just feel like a shag on a rock, other times I am proud of my contributions- a bit of a roller coaster ride actually. But I am certainly learning alot and I feel we have some great tunes that will appeal to those who like my last album Yesterday's News. 
 Anyways, enough time wasting..again, back to it kids. See you all at a show or a festival hopefully.
 Happy days,
cowgirl kisses