New Album, Tamworth and itchy feet

Howdy folks, well what a HUGE year it has been for lil' ol Jonesy. I don't even know where to begin so I will try & be as brief as possible. Not easy for someone like me who spends 90% of her day yapping. Well first off, my new album, or should I say "our" new album, meaning Steve Passfields' & mine is almost ready. I cannot truly claim this album as my own because in all honesty it has been a complete collaboration. Steve who took on the very brave role of producing my 3rd album has endured many a storm this year with a certain cowgirl being  probably a little too precious, a little too precocious & possibly a little too impossible. Steve has so graciously worked his magic on my songs adding that special touch that only years in the industry & a fierce passion for music can create. He has been amazing to work alongside & I am so very excited to show you all the fruits of our labour. And trust me - labour it was at times.Thanks Steve...I did warn you though.
 Tamworth is just around the corner & if you take the time to checkout my show schedule you will see I am going to be a busy beaver. Shows with my beautiful friend Clelia Adams as well as our comedy variety show "The Mad Mullum Mob" debuting at the festival with bush poet Ray Essery, guitarist Adrian Davis & special guest Steve Passfield will keep me real busy. Steve & I have a stack of shows & one I am excited about is at Tamworth's most talked about boutique venue " The Square Man Inn". Great food, great staff & such a vibey but relaxed restaurant. Make a booking though to avoid missing out. I am trying to get fit vocally as well as physically for Tamworth as I packed on 8 kilos over winter-erfff, too many Mars Bars at midnight after a gig. Red Rock Deli chips don't help as well. Damn! Anyways, doing my best to shape up to present the new album well & give it my best shot. 
 All year I have had "itchy feet" & have loved getting out & about. I've been tripping off all over the shop.March saw me off to the south island of New Zealand to help my gorgeous friend Anna van Riel birth her second baby ( nice excuse to visit the beauifiul south island ) then back & forth to Sydney to record at Steve's Berowra studio, ran a workshop & performed for the Hornsby Bugs Ukulele group & played some new festivals.It was my first time at Norma O'Hara's Bony Mountain Festival which was such a unique experience, also was invited back to my hometown of Kempsey to sing at the Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week & made lots of new friends there. I also performed at the Port Stephens Bluewater CMF & again made some great new friends ( I think I stole them from Steve he he he ) & just recently travelled with Steve to the Canberra Country Blues & Roots Festival. I have very much been the little Gypsy indeed.
 I am enjoying my time at home now, catching up with family duties ( I even made banana chocky muffins today ) Yeah, I know, not great for the waistline but heck- Tamworth's a bit away yet.
 So I hope all is well with my fans & friends out there. Stay well & maybe i will see a few of you in Tammy