Its December...what the heck !!

How the heck did we get here folks? And where did 2014 slip away to? Well I for one will be glad to see a new year come as this Year of The Horse has had me galloping off in all directions.

 Quick re-cap: Tamworth CMF in January, March saw a mini tour back to Tammy with my band The Southern Stallions as guest act at the Nundle Picnic Day ( shame it was rained out after our first set )  plus Sydney shows and pre-production with Steve Passfield on my new spandangled album.

An extended NZ trip to the south island to primarily birth my dear friend Anna van Riels' bubba but I managed to slip in some songwriting with the songs making it onto the album. Not long home from NZ and I was off to the Port Stephens Country and Blues Music Festival playing some great shows with Steve.

September we headed off to the Bony Mountain Music Fest hosted by the infamous Norma O'Hara Murpghy( now was'nt that a hoot), followed by a trip to my hometown of Kempsey to play at the wonderful Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week in October. Not finished yet..throw in numerous trips to Sydney to record at Steve's great studio and the Canberra CMF in November.

Phew, yep, its been a HUGE year. But at the end of it I have a spunky new album ( can't wait to play you all my new tunes ) Steve has done an amazing job peoples, my family are all healthy and well and I am in tip top shape. Okay, that's a little fib, I am still trying to shed some kilo's after my NZ stay where there was a French chef who made the most glorious deserts mmmmm, but other than that life is rosy.

 And on that note, I wish you all a very safe, happy and joyous festive time. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you all have many moments of inner peace, good fortune and are surrounded by people who love you.

See you in the big "T" kids ( that's Tamworth for all my non-country friends)
Lotsa love xxx Jonesy