Home Town Launch

G'day folks,
 well its been awhile since my last post as I have been off galavanting about the town at Tamworth in January at the Tamworth Country Music Festival then no sooner was I home that I flew back to Sydney to join Steve Passfield for 3 Sydney shows. Our Sydney launch of the new album Lil Gypsy at the Berowra RSL was such a great night. With entertaining performances from the BUGS ( Berowra Ukulele Group ) and a stunning set from my good friend, Northern Rivers singer/songwriter Evelina Piga the evening was a complete delight. Steve was in top form as usual and entertained the crowd as he does so well and played beautifully.
Whilst in Sydney Steve and I started on a fun project recording a uke album. Not sure when we will finish that but we promise to let you know.
 Next on the agenda is some shows and another cd launch back in our hometown of Kempsey. Both Steve and I were raised in Kempsey and even though we didn't know each other growing up we share the same love for the Macleay Valley which gives us a special bond that shows when we play together.
We will be doing a full 3 hour show at the Freddo Golf Club on Fri night, a bush house concert on the Sat night ( I am super excited for this, thanks a million Gail & Chissel Cheers for being such gracious hosts ) and then to top it off we head up bush and finish with a show at the good old Willawarrin Hotel on the Sunday. 
 Its been a massive effort so far this year juggling family and touring but I have a strong team behind me and I feel very blessed to be able to follow my dream and make music with people I love. Huge thanks to my husband Phil Sheridan for holding the fort and to my wonderful boys Sebastian, Jasper and the two littlies that have grown into fine young independent men Oliver and Kasey-Joe. I certainly am not your average mum and my kids certainly haven't had the most "normal" upbringing but we all work together as a team and do our best to support each other in our passions and that's what counts the most.
 Steve Passfield is such an exciting artist to work alongside and sometimes I am very challenged. I love a challenge. I am becoming a finer musician because of all the input and direction he offers and again I am blessed to be playing music with him.
 So maybe we will see some of you at one of our upcoming shows. Holy moly- just realised the shows are this weekend coming. Ahhhh, panic buttons. Gotta go tie up some loose ends. Stay well people.