Slim Dusty CMF

Hi country music tragics. Now dont worry, its not an insult as I have jumped on the band wagon and a true convert to the aural pleasures

of this fine genre. Well alot has certainly happened soince my last blab, oops I mean Blog. Yes its been a few years that's for sure.

Although I have slowed down in the show department I am still keeping my toes in the water and my next shows will be at the Slim Dusty CMF in my home town of Kempsey. Although I left Kempsey many years ago, I still hold wonderful memories of growing up in what I know to be a beautiful country town with stunning scenery and many characters that make the town what is is today.

 The Slim Dusty Festival celebrates the life and music of one of this countries true music pioneers-Slim Dusty. I am very honoured and proud to be invited back to sing and reconnect with my roots.

The festival is held each year at the Kemspey showgrounds and if you havent been to the Slim Dusty Centre, even if you arent a country music fan, you will be delighted with the history and interactive displays they have on offer. It really is very impressive.

Anyways, I am looking forward to the weekend and hope to see some familiar faces.

Cheers KJ