Slim Dusty CMF

Hi country music tragics. Now dont worry, its not an insult as I have jumped on the band wagon and a true convert to the aural pleasures

of this fine genre. Well alot has certainly happened soince my


Sheep, deer and lobsters- my post NZ tour blab

Is it just me or can everyone feel the winter coming on ? Okay so today is overcast & a tad miserable & okay we actually have had some sensational autumn weather here in the Byron Shire so I cant…

Home Town Launch

G'day folks,
 well its been awhile since my last post as I have been off galavanting about the town at Tamworth in January at the Tamworth Country Music Festival then no sooner was I home that I flew back to…

Its December...what the heck !!

How the heck did we get here folks? And where did 2014 slip away to? Well I for one will be glad to see a new year come as this Year of The Horse has had me galloping off in…

New Album, Tamworth and itchy feet

Howdy folks, well what a HUGE year it has been for lil' ol Jonesy. I don't even know where to begin so I will try & be as brief as possible. Not easy for someone like me who spends 90%…

What's In A song ?

Well well well, here I find myself in the midst of writing tunes ( hopefully good ones..whatever that means) for this next album. Scrounging through bits of scrap paper, torn receipts with random words scrawled in all corners, flipping pages…

Head in the dust and rump in the air

Howdy folks, well what a stupendous time I had at the Port Stephens Country and Blues Festival early this month. Played some great shows alongside the hilarious Steve Passfield  as well as Australia's No:1 champion yodeller , the amazing Johanne

Ahoy me Maties 2/06/2014

 Set sail and join me on a voyage bound for the sunny , blue waters of the southern paradise Port Stephens along with some wonderful Country & Blues artists.
 I will be sailing solo Sat morning 11am-11:50am Salamander Shopping Centre,accompanied…

New Website

This online porthole will give you snapshots into my colourful, vibrant world of making music at Australias most easterly, magical point Byron Bay. I hope you enjoy exploring my site and please feel free to drop me a line.